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By Matthew Makowski. Originally posted January 7, Updated on January 11 at pm. Investing rock star Warren Buffett has called Bitcoin rat poison, a mirage and worthless.

Change bet sizes on acr deep web free bitcoins

Change bet sizes on acr

We'd love your feedback. It's your chance to make it better before it's out. User mini profile. If you must have it I would suggest to leave option to set the betsize to up to 2x pot. The input should have some restriction, and that borders what's reasonable. I doubt 2x pot ever gets configured, but that's not a terrible ceiling. And why cap it?

Let's say I want to use 2. Why not let it accept an input of 2 decimal points as other sites allow and let people decide. Most professionals use sizes like 2. Lets say I want to squeeze, instead of having a pot or BB related bet sizing that I always have to tweak we should be able to say 3. I'll revisit this post later if I remember anything else. Thanks for listening. There is also an Advanced Option which will also click the Bet button after the BetSize is clicked, so that you don't have to hit two hotkeys.

Unfortunately, I did not update the Custom Site Wizard to include these new settings. Therefore, if you want to add this ability to your own custom site that SaT doesn't support, then you will need to manually edit the. You will need to add a setting for the x and y location for each of these buttons. Then add the site into SaT in this layout.

Then press Start and let SaT to resize the table. After the table is resized, then press Stop. Then, wait until its your turn to act and the bet size buttons are visible on the table. Then open up the file with MS Paint. For example, here is what an example config for PokerStars could look like just for demonstration, not intended to be used :. Since Stars only has 3 bet size buttons on its table, there are only settings for 3.

Stars has since added a 4th betsize button on its table.

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This can be used so that the size amounts are consistent for each button number across multiple sites. This is typically what you would want. There is also an Advanced Option which will also click the Bet button after the BetSize is clicked, so that you don't have to hit two hotkeys. Unfortunately, I did not update the Custom Site Wizard to include these new settings. Therefore, if you want to add this ability to your own custom site that SaT doesn't support, then you will need to manually edit the.

You will need to add a setting for the x and y location for each of these buttons. Then add the site into SaT in this layout. Then press Start and let SaT to resize the table. After the table is resized, then press Stop.

Then, wait until its your turn to act and the bet size buttons are visible on the table. Then open up the file with MS Paint. For example, here is what an example config for PokerStars could look like just for demonstration, not intended to be used :. You can also pay the difference between your chips and the next threshold to just get a ticket immediately. Surprisingly, I actually find Cyclones a lot of fun and a way to play a satellite in a few minutes rather than hours.

You can also play Cyclones on mobile. Also, The terms and conditions for such bonuses are designed to be more complicated than quantum theory. They give you a small portion of your contributed rake back over a period of time. This is all based on Loyalty Points, which are given to each player that contributes rake to a hand. The software does a good job of showing you your progress, even animating the numbers given to each player after every hand.

The other main promotion is the Reward Program, which has become standard at every poker room in recent years. As players earn more points per month they advance up the loyalty program ranks, enjoying better perks. New ones are given every time you reach rewards point thresholds and you then claim them on the medal display page.

Overall, this is a fairly strong promotional package without a major standout feature. The instant bonus of 20 free Jackpot Poker entries is really the part that every player can earn. A lot of potential Bitcoin users at Americas Cardroom get scared off from the overly-technical definition of what it actually is.

Throw that out. For a ridiculous amount of information on how exactly to use Bitcoin, check out my huge new Bitcoin guide. You know how PayPal works. No other method can touch that time frame. As crazy as it sounds, Americas Cardroom of all places has come up with more original ideas in the past year that most of their competitors have in their lifetimes. In my opinion, The Cage is the best of the bunch in terms of their original ideas.

However, there are 2 big problems with the execution:. As far as I know, this is another online poker first. It gives players instant tournament payouts when they reach the money, increasing the prize release as a bigger prize place is reached. However, this feels like a solution without a problem to me. Why is this useful? Every poker site releases tournament prizes as soon as you bust out. If a tournament is still in late registration and you bust out you can buy a lottery-style spin with a chance to get back in.

At this poker room I often feel like I went to play the lotto and a poker game broke out. Americas Cardroom gets a lot of recognition for their big tournaments and the wacky stuff they do like The Cage, but they also deserve credit for some of the best payout times in the US market. In case you missed it the first few dozen times I mentioned it Bitcoin is the only banking method US players should bother with these days.

Of course, very few actually process them at a high enough rate to be useful for US players. Fortunately, with deep roots in online gaming and the accompanying experience, Americas Cardroom seems to be one of them. There are no fees added, making this a no-nonsense quick process. Minimum deposit Maximum deposit Fees Approx.

I might actually think it was by design to throw the grinders off, but if they were doing that they could have just left it out of the software completely. My guess is that the software is programmed to have a stat history of one hand, they want to mislead players, or the programmers are just inept. All that being said, I gave them an 8 Fish Rating, which is better than average but not incredibly soft.

One thing you should also be aware of is how skewed Americas Cardroom is towards shorthanded games. Thanks to how tournaments are set up with a low skill-to-luck ratio, however, the aggression and players with gamble-centric decisions stand out. Players like myself that prefer slow methodical action can quickly become exasperated with this format, but certainly a lot of players like it. Firstly, you probably should be factoring 2x the initial buy-in to factor in an add-on.

Isolation is also going to be very difficult with the early wild play so you should raise an even larger amount than you usually do think at least x the big blind to open with your premium hands pre-flop. By nature, I may be the conservative wait-for-a-premium-hand type of player that many seem to be at Americas Cardroom. Unfortunately, one of the easiest ways to lose at poker is to be rigid, predictable, and unable to change gears when necessary.

Steal pots, be aggressive every time you have position on the flop and sense weakness in your opponent s , and play more hands. Overall, the Americas Cardroom cash games have opened up significantly since my initial review in , probably thanks to attracting lots of new US players as their profile has risen. Unfortunately, that massive event is now only offered occasionally, likely due to the incredible overlays that were happening every week.

Every AmericasCardroom event seems to draw players with the biggest Sunday events drawing close to 2, These begin immediately after 5 players register with late registrations allowed almost eternally. In summary, tournaments here are without question the best in the US market and perhaps are some of best in the world. Just about every player will find something within their budget and every tournament has very good value thanks to the large amount of entrants.

I really want to like the Americas Cardroom software and I genuinely do in many ways. They deserve a lot of credit for thinking outside the box and trying some unique features. Starting with some of the better features, it starts with the 2 dozen visual themes.

Straddling is completely optional, but when you choose to do it, you create a third blind from first position of double the normal big blind. The straddle option is sort of hidden with the Sit Out buttons, but you can check it at any time to straddle the next time the blind comes around.

Hardly any players use it, but I love it to mix things up once in a while. Try playing a level smaller than you usually do and enable the straddle. I also like that Americas Cardroom players have to earn the time bank rather than giving a huge block to everyone right off the bat, which is usually abused to no end.

You get an extra second added for every 10 hands you play. What a feat! What this means is that players are robbed of important metrics that usually go into deciding which table to sit down at. In a way, withholding information that could help sharks is commendable, but why not just take the fields away rather than giving fuzzy math?

One unprecedented boneheaded mistake is lacking a pot-sized bet button while offering other pot-based fractional buttons. I can imagine the thinking behind this was to maximize action, but it just ends up slowing down the game and frustrating players. To truly isolate your strongest hands and extract maximum value from calling stations you will often want to make pot-sized bets.

At Americas Cardroom you have to actually type in pot-sized bets yourself or move the tiny slider to just the right spot with your mouse or touchscreen. Cash transfer provides immediate access to your withdrawal as cash for pickup at thousands of physical locations like convenience and grocery stores. Cash transfer fees are dependent on the amount of your payout. Americas Cardroom bills cash transfer as their quickest payout method and I would agree aside from Bitcoin, which is the undisputed king of poker banking methods.

The best option besides Bitcoin may be the debit card method, which is a very good idea that few poker rooms have adopted. You simply withdraw cash from any ATM using a reloadable debit card issued by the poker room. Minimum withdrawal Maximum withdrawal Frequency allowed Fees Approx. Very few, if any, US-facing sites bother with social media and miss a big opportunity with both promotions and player support. Even though they have 6, followers they rarely get personal tweets so they respond directly to support issues on Twitter.

The live chat reps seem knowledgeable enough and were able to successfully answer several test questions I made on deposits, forgetting my password, and how the promotions worked. It was clear they were pretty familiar with the site. As I alluded to in my overall thoughts section I had largely been avoiding the Winning Poker Network as a player and a reviewer. I had become disillusioned by the revolving door of US poker room skins playing musical chairs with whichever software provider gave them the best deals.

While that may be true of some of the poker rooms on Winning individually, Americas Cardroom has remarkably built this into the largest open network offering US players, among the leaders in terms of total US traffic.

Their daily published peak is about 1, cash players and the real cash table numbers back that up. One easy exploit of such players relies heavily on position and can serve the dual purpose of stealing the occasional small pot and goading prideful players into shipping big ones to you. With most of the other table hesitant to engage a raise I can isolate myself and the raiser to the flop.

Unless the raiser is setting a trap for the turn and that rarely happens I will then take a small pot on the turn if he checks to me and I make a strong full-sized pot bet. Do this enough times and the other players are bound to get a bit frustrated and believe you to be stealing every time.

Play at America's Cardroom Now. A lifelong poker player who moved online in , Josh founded Beat The Fish in to help online poker players make more-informed decisions on where to play and how to win once they got there. He hopes to counter the rampant dishonesty in online gaming media with objective reviews and relevant features. Tech nostalgic. I certainly believe that it happened to you, but crazy players are going to be crazy.

In the long run, you want those types of players making those types of calls. I understand the frustration, but I tend to trust that sites who have been around for a while run the games fairly. Why cause yourself more misery? Establishing anonymous tables would go a long way.

I think, at minimum, you should avoid tables filled with Eastern European locations. If you see them dominating the player list, be skeptical and move on. Bots dont control the RNG of a poker site, nor do they process the ability to know, what cards are going to come. They are simply computers programs playing poker, and doing so better than at least some human players and without ever getting tired or suffering from tilt issues. About Eastern European players these are common at the lower limits in online poker, and the reason is simply economic.

If you are from a high income country like the US, you either play poker recreationally, or you become good enough to move up to stakes, where the income can compete against a regular job. But if you live in an area with low salaries, it might be worth your time to grind a lot of tables at very low stakes to take out a small monthly profit. Therefore there is nothing suspicious about a table with only Eastern European players.

But that being said there is an old saying, that if you cant identify the fish after a few orbits, then you are probably the fish. And then you definitely want to leave and find another table. So if all these Eastern European players are playing very tight, its probably a good idea to stand up and find another table. Not because you are being cheated, but because you are never going to have a good winrate against a bunch of tight players, unless you get lucky and cooler them.

Well written and informative. The good ole days of online poker. Remember Pacific Poker and Titan Poker? Thanks, James. Pacific and Bodog were my long-time favorites for cash games because the players were just so darn bad overall. Although playing at pretty much every site in those days was like going fishing in an aquarium, those two really took the take.

I remember when Titan Poker first launched and they made a decent network in iPoker, but I never liked them quite as much as the competition. They were literally running fixed-limit-only games for a while and restricted players to one table at a time. Loved it. Well written and informative! Thank you Josh H!


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