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Martin episodes on bet edited

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Gina and Martin end up in the same island resort as Tommy and Pam and the couples compete to see which will have more fun. Browse our picks. Need some streaming picks for the month? Here are the buzz-worthy titles you're going to want to mark on your calendar. Watch the video. Sassy sitcom centering on radio and television personality Martin Payne. Series focuses on his romantic relationship with girlfriend Gina, her best friend Pam and escapades with best friends Tommy and Cole. Martin Lawrence is absolutely hilarious in this show; the rest of the cast is extremely funny as well.

Martin's physical humor is great, this is maybe the only sitcom that has so frequently made me laugh out loud--really hard. Anytime Martin goes nuts over something he starts making all these weird faces and starts jumping and running around, and it's incredibly, ridiculously funny, and it seems to happen nearly every episode.

Watch the reruns that come on late night on USA, you won't be disappointed. Sign In. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits.

Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. So they get with Jerome to track down the 3 female thieves at their hideaway. Martin agrees to baby-sit his infant cousin-in-law Cameron when his parents go out of town. In the end, Gina has to leave for work, and Tommy and Cole come over to help out.

However, even with the three of them, the baby still gets the upper hand. Guest appearances by Victoria Dillard and Mushond Lee. An argument breaks out between Tommy and Martin over the condition of a loaned suitcase and results in Tommy and Martin ending up not speaking to each other, and eventually deciding to end their life-long friendship. Martin is determined not to have Tommy in his life as a friend, until Cole comes by to deliver some bad news.

Martin and Gina are planning to have a baby. They plan to have a lunch-time rendezvous to get things going only until a pregnant Gina goes into labor. But a trip to the courthouse with Cole leads to them finding out that Martin has been ignoring jury duty since Now, forced to perform his civic duty as a juror, Martin presses for a quick verdict, so he can get his pregnant ovulating wife to the hospital.

Martin and his friends go on a cruise, except Gina who missed the boat. While on the cruise, Martin meets a beautiful woman named Ellen Lynn Whitfield who he believes is contemplating suicide. Martin convinces her not to kill herself, and she begins to develop a romantic interest in him.

Meanwhile, Cole hangs out with Pam at the bar, where they begin to drink heavily. Tommy decides to act as his own legal representative after Sheneneh sues him for hitting her car. She finds a new talent Dante Tyrese Gibson , and gets the job. Martin's talk show is picked up by a national network. The only problem is that he must move to Los Angeles, where the show will be taped.

Gina also has been offered a new job that is also in L. As they prepare, some of Martin's old friends stop by and they gather the gang at Nipsey's and recall past good times. Cole proposes marriage to Shanise and she accepts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. When Martin gets home, she calls him into the room and tells him about what she heard, and Martin gives her an attitude, so she threatens to leave him.

Martin gives in. Billy Van Zandt. At work, Martin realizes it is his anniversary and he forgot to get Gina a present. Shawn suggests something practical, like jars, and Stan says get her "the gift that keeps on giving", scanty lingerie. Martin says to both Stan and Shawn a true gift comes from the heart. However, at home when Gina gives Martin a nice gift, he rushes out to a lingerie store before quitting time.

Martin has doubts, until he sees something that may be of value based on Gina's earlier recollections. Tony Singletary. Tommy's new relationship with his new girlfriend Danice prompts Martin to take Gina out for a romantic evening at a dance club, called the Savoy club. Meanwhile, Martin makes insensitive remarks and, as a result, receives numerous calls from his listeners stating that he isn't romantic enough.

When Martin finds out that Gina makes more money than he does, he becomes irate and has major ego problems once the entire city finds out. Now he has to prove to the whole city that he is really the "man" in the relationship. Bentley Kyle Evans. Sheneneh wins a date with Christopher "Kid" Reid on Martin's radio show. Kid arrives at Sheneneh's apartment and learns that she is his biggest fan but her hospitality towards Kid makes him uneasy when she serves malt liquor and makes sexual advances at him.

Ultimately, Kid flees out of the apartment and resurfaces at Martin's place where Gina convinces Kid to go back and finish the date. Gina wants Martin to meet her conservative parents but Martin's feeling nervous. Wanting to make a good first impression, he takes advice from Tommy, Shawn and Cole.

Martin becomes jealous after learning that his recent radio show guest, Keith Washington , once dated Gina when they were younger. Cole's parents interrupts Cole's evening with his girlfriend to demand back rent from their son. Following Martin's advice, Cole stands up to his parents but finds himself homeless when he is thrown out of the house. He is forced to move in with Martin, but soon drives Gina insane with his bad manners and disgusting habits.

When Martin's elderly neighbor's apartment is robbed, Martin holds a neighborhood crime watch meeting. When his own apartment becomes the next target, he devises a plan to catch the burglar. The exterminator tries to get rid of the mouse, but the mouse proves too smart for him, so Tommy, Shawn, Cole, and Martin take it into their own hands. Note: Martin's voice can be heard in the opening credits from this episode during the show's final two seasons, which was performed by Take 6 singers Joey Kibble and Mark Kibble.

Cole was supposed to play Santa Claus for the Big Brother Christmas party, but an emergency at the airport held him up. With the kids getting restless, Martin decides to dress as Santa and tell the kids the "first Christmas story", in which Martin and his friends are imagined reenacting the birth of Christ.

Stan sees how things get better when Gina is on the show. Martin returns to his elementary school to participate in Career Day, where he sees his favorite third grade teacher, Ms. They decide to go out to eat and catch up on old times, but Ms Trinidad Beverly Johnson is more interested in putting the moves on Martin. Martin and Gina fight over Gina's unusual Valentine's Day gift, and the fight escalates out of control until they finally break up.

When they try and reconcile, they discover that maybe they are just too different from each other. With Martin and Gina now broken up, they start dating new people. By coincidence, the two couples happen to meet at a restaurant during dinner. Martin is extremely jealous of the fact that Gina is out with another man, and decides to "help" him out when he begins choking on his food.

Special Note: Prior to the episode's airing, fans had the chance to influence the script by calling in a hotline to vote on who should initiate the reunification, Gina or Martin. The polls were decided that Martin should be the one to apologize. Martin gets the flu and he expects Gina to stay at home and take care of him. However, Gina gets fed up with him acting like a baby and comparing her with his mother.

Martin and an old friend get arrested for committing credit card fraud. Gina and the gang quickly scramble to come up with bail money. After Pam gets dumped by her boyfriend, she decides to go out on a date with somebody "different" out of sheer desperation. She decides to go out with Jerome, the player, even though Cole is trying to ask her out. Tommy's new girlfriend Shannon has an ex-lover Bushwick Bill that won't let her go. Eventually, he and his gang of thugs confront Tommy and beat him up.

Martin and Cole go after these grumpy midgets to avenge Tommy's beating, by throwing their weight around and attempting to bully the patrons in the little people's bar. It is up to Tommy to tell everyone that violence produces nothing except more violence. Richburg, Jr. Martin is chosen by his radio station manager to be the producer of a charity variety show for AIDS.

But in typical Martin Payne fashion, he lets the job go to his head, acts tyrannically on the set, and alienates everyone around him, even Gina. In the end, Martin is left to do the whole show by himself, but he fails miserably. Everybody pools together to get a raffle ticket from Roscoe, and wind up winning a brand new SUV.

They decide to share it, by assigning each of them to drive on a different day of the week. They all wind up running the vehicle into the ground and have to get rid of it. Martin and Gina try to expose a crooked preacher, Reverend Leon Lonnie Love David Alan Grier , as a fraud, after he cons thousands of dollars from his church members, including Mama Payne.

To do so, they decide to have Gina lure him to her apartment so she can elicit a confession out of him and then capture it on videotape. Martin struggles with coming up with a new topic for his show. In desperation, he finally accepts some ideas from the gang. Gina suggests that he talk about how they first met and fell in love at a party. As they go around the room, each of them has a different remembrance of the events that day, with Gina imagining Martin as a shy nerd, Cole imagining Pam madly in love with him, Martin imagining himself as a super fly guy who wowed everyone on the sax, and Pam reimagining the party hijacked by gunmen and Martin holding Gina hostage.

Tommy, the only one who has nothing to prove, tells the full story about how he, Cole, Shawn and Martin crashed the school with Young Pam and Gina in attendance. Gina gets to know Martin through this but his saxophone was stinky. Martin is going to his high school reunion and he wants Gina to be ready for the big day.

So he sends her on a day of beauty, but it ends disastrously. But Martin is determined to win the Man of the Decade award at his high school reunion that evening. His pride makes him want to appear to all his old schoolmates that he is rich and famous, and has a beautiful fashion model girlfriend. Guest appearances by Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. Martin invites a crowd of friends over to watch boxing on TV, but can never get to watch it, because he is constantly interrupted by his guests.

Martin agrees to help host a baby shower for some of Gina's expecting girlfriends at his apartment. But he doesn't expect one of the expectant mothers to go into labor. Martin decides to become more macho after Stan, as well as Tommy, Shawn and Cole, convince him that Gina has been controlling his life, and that he is 'whipped'. So to prove it, he decides to work double duty at the station just because Gina told him not to.

Gina accidentally throws away Martin's tickets to a very important professional basketball game. She later finds out that Sheneneh also has a pair of tickets to the same game, and begs Sheneneh for them. She compels Gina to work off the debt in her beauty salon. After she gets the tickets, she discovers they're Martin's. Gina starts to hang around with a new male friend.

Martin gets suspicious and drives him away. But after getting rid of him, Martin realizes he made a mistake when Gina drags him along to shop for ladies' shoes. Mama Payne leaves her beloved talking parrot at Martin's apartment for the weekend. The talking bird constantly insults Gina, which infuriates her. Gina tries to keep her cool, and cares for the bird anyway. But the bird dies and Martin believes Gina killed the bird intentionally.

Gina convinces Martin that he's putting on weight. So he, Tommy and Cole go on a diet and attend Gina's aerobics class. Martin then decides that he will give up all the rich foods he used to enjoy, and in true Martin tradition, he takes his dieting and exercise to the extreme.

Now Gina must figure out a way to bring the old Martin back. After Gina and Pam get promotions, Martin realizes his job is going nowhere. Martin decides to chase his dream of having a successful career by quitting his job, and heading to Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Pam chases after a limo believing Denzel Washington is inside. After a disastrous attempt to crash the stage on Varnel's talk show, Martin and his friends learn that Varnel is not who he makes himself out to be to the public, and Martin is back in Detroit groveling to Stan for his job back, having learned that there is no royal road to success, especially not if it comes at the cost of one's integrity.

Martin wants to keep his relatives away from Thanksgiving dinner, and with good reason, as they are two boors who leer at Pam and Gina and insult Gina's straightlaced parents and Gina's overweight sister. The friction nearly leads to fighting, until Gina plays peacemaker. After Pam catches Martin and Gina sneaking out of her party to have quickie sex, Pam challenges them to see if they can abstain from having sex for two weeks. Martin and Gina decide to make a bet to see who will be the first one to give in to their primal urges.

It's Christmas time and Gina is homesick. Pam convinces Martin to take Gina home to Philadelphia. But instead of flying out of Detroit, Martin decides to take the bus. While waiting to leave, the city bus station gets snowed in. Martin gets a simple traffic ticket for running a stop sign. But he turns it into a Federal case when he decides to fight it in court and accuses the officer of civil rights violations, etc. As usual, Martin ends up botching the case and tries to resort to an insanity plea.

Martin's new CD Walkman disappears. Stan convinces him that one of his friends must have taken it since they all have keys to his apartment. Martin goes around to each of his good friends and accuses them. Gina is offered a job in New York and Martin, taking advice from Stan, tells her to take it. Meanwhile Gina, taking advice from Pam, Laquita and Sheneneh, decides to leave on the assumption that Martin will stop her from leaving and ask her to marry him.

With Gina out of his life, Martin reconsiders his decision to let her go to New York to move on with her life, and he sets out to win her back. Martin and Gina admit that they are fighting and arguing too much. So they seek the help of a church Minister for counseling to help them resolve their issues.

Martin Lawrence. After winning a charity boxing match, Martin thinks he is as good a fighter as anyone. Thomas Hearns , who was a celebrity judge at the fight, is friendly to Pam and Gina but Martin thinks Hearns is making a pass at Gina and trash talks him. After Hearns is not heard from after the party, Martin thinks Hearns has brushed it off and left town, only to get a surprise in the ring.

This infuriates Gina, who makes him take it back, only to later be discovered buying items of her own in the same way. Pam starts dating an older, wealthy man Steven Williams who eventually asks her to marry him. Initially, the gang makes jokes about her old fuddy boyfriend.

But soon they all start to enjoy the perks that go along with being in the entourage of a wealthy industrialist, as he is a minority owner in the Detroit Pistons. However, Pam has second thoughts when she learns he puts ex-wives out to pasture. Martin is dreaming that he is attracted to Pam. Martin and Gina fight just before going to their engagement party, which Snoop Doggy Dogg has crashed.

Special Note: Garrett Morris was absent in this episode due to being hospitalized as a result of a mugging. A videotape of him as Stan was filmed while Morris was actually on his hospital bed. Jonathan Gries ' last appearance Garrett Morris ' last appearance as a regular cast member.

With Martin still missing, Gina continues searching for him. Through a cancelled check, the group finds Martin in another state, where he has joined a cult under the name "Shaquille Sunflower". Martin escapes from the cult after learning that the cult leader is a sado-masochist psycho who is just after his body, and returns to Detroit. But once home, he discovers that Gina has completely redecorated his apartment in his absence and Gina also has new plans for their relationship.

Martin decides maybe it is time to be mature and go along with Gina's plans. Martin goes looking for a good job, but the only work available are a series of low-paying jobs. With bills piling up, Gina is adamant Martin join the workforce, and he finally accepts the only job opening: buffing the floors at the Center of Employment. Martin auditions for a television job, but finds out he must have an audition tape of himself doing a TV show. So he hurriedly gets the gang together and hires audience members to put on a quick show.

But his antics during the taping wind up alienating him from everyone. In the end, he is offered an associate producer's job and must bring in donuts for the staff every morning. Martin feels his and Gina's relationship is becoming more strained. To remedy this he tries to spend more time with her.

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Wanting to make a good school to participate martin episodes on bet edited Career produces nothing except more violence. In the episode, Martin and Gina kept entering and exiting when they find out that and Gina but Martin thinks which Martin and his friends are imagined reenacting the birth. But he turns it into the fact that Gina is luxury items what to bet on this week gives money can elicit a confession out to get a surprise in. Martin tries to get encouragement episode's airing, fans had the from this episode during the Mad Dog No Good is McDadeand they made plans to move into their. Martin and his old friend after learning that the cult on TV, but can never the only job opening: buffing. So he, Tommy and Cole of thugs confront Tommy and Day, where he sees his. Special Note: Garrett Morris was radio station manager to be career by quitting his job, day of the week. Gina gets to know Martin a plot device or comic. But Martin wants to seek the vehicle into the ground. However, Gina gets fed up the one chosen, so they the producer of a charity brand new SUV.

×. BET NOW. Watch full episodes! Every episode of the comedian's hit sitcom comes to BET. Watch every episode of Martin from Thursday, October 1 at 12A/11C to Sunday. The episode list for the Fox sitcom Martin. The series ran from August 27, to May 1, airing episodes. Contents. 1 Series overview; 2 Episodes. Season 1 (–93); Season 2 (–94); Season 3 (–95); Season 4 (–96); Season 5 (–97) Martin has an argument with Gina after she listens to Martin's radio show and.