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Southern central league betting site belenenses vs nacional betting expert tips

Southern central league betting site

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Mexico - Liga MX 1. Portugal - Segunda Liga 2. Romania - Liga 1 1. Brazil - Carioca 3. Belgium - First Division B 1. England - National League 1. Egypt - Premier 1. Hungary - NB I 1. Israel - Premier League 3. Colombia - Primera 2. Swiss - Challenge League 1. Uruguay - Primera Div 2. Northern Ireland - Premier 1. Costa Rica - Primera Div 2. Mexico - Liga de Expansion 1. Paraguay - Primera Div 2. Spain - Segunda B G3 1. Spain - Segunda B G4 1.

Spain - Segunda B G5 1. Colombia - Primera B 4. Costa Rica - Liga de Ascenso 1. Malta - Premier League 2. Spain - Tercera League 3. Brazil - Carioca B 1. Brazil - Serie D 1. Chile - 2nd Division 3. Chile - Tercera Division 1.

Luxembourg - Fortis 1. Malta - Challenge League 1. Mexico - Liga Premier 3. Nicaragua - Youth League 1. Qatar - U23 League 1. Spain - Segunda Women 1. Argentina - Torneo Regional Federal Amateur 1. Brazil Alagoano Cup 2. Mythical Matches 4. Game Odds. Betting Slip.

Bet slip Your bet slip is empty. Click on any price to add a bet. When odds change for selections already added to the Bet Slip. Accept all odds changes. Accept only better odds. Do not accept any. Single Combo System Teaser. Retain Selections. Number of bets 0 Stake 0. Odds have changed, please accept. Place Bets. Accept Changes. Clear all. Off On Show only Cash Out bets.

YourBet Add two or more selections to place YourBet 1. H2 85m. H2 82m. Spain - La Liga 1. SD Huesca. Real Madrid. H2 70m. France - Ligue 1 1. H1 42m. Netherlands - Eredivisie 2. PSV Eindhoven. H2 54m. England - Championship 9. Belgium - First Division A 1. England - League One England - League Two 6. Scotland - Premiership 5.

Spain - Segunda 1. Turkey - Super Ligi 1. Austrian OFB Cup 1. Czech Republic - First League 2. Netherlands - Eerste Divisie 1. Portugal - Segunda Liga 1. Scotland - Championship 3. Croatia - 1. HNL 1. England - National League 4. Egypt - Premier 2. Israel - Premier League 1. Slovakia - Fortuna Liga 1. Turkey - 1. Lig 1. Northern Ireland - Premier 4. English FA Trophy 5. Saudi Arabia - Premier 1. Spain - Segunda B G1 2. Spain - Segunda B G2 2. South Africa Cup 2. Iceland Reykjavik Cup 1.

Serbia - Superliga 1. England - National North 1. England - National South 4. Guatemala - Primera Nacional de Ascenso 1. Kuwait - Premier League 1. Oman Cup 1. Spain - Tercera League 6. Albania - Super League 1. Morocco - Botola 2 1. Portugal - 1st Div Women 2. Spain - Youth League 3. Spain - Primera Nacional Women 1. View All. Chat with us , powered by LiveChat.

Guards for Minors Internet and gambling laws forbid the use of BetGold for anyone under the age of Keep your username, password and bank details concealed and out of reach of minors. Player Protection To use our site safely the customer should be in a balanced state and not be emotionally compromised. Setting Limits BetGold wants you to enjoy our site and gaming activities, which is why we have a range of tools to keep you safe and use our site as a form of entertainment.

The tools that BetGold have to offer our players are as follows: Deposit Limit: This allows you to set a limit on the amount deposited into the player account during a specified time frame, which means you will never deposit more than is absolutely necessary.

Loss Limit: Limit: A loss limit safeguards you from losing more money than you would be willing to lose. Session Limit: You can set a limit to inform you of the time spent browsing our amazing array games online. Reality Check: This is your very own personal reminder. Time Out Customers from time to time might want to take a break from the site.

Self-Exclusion Whilst we endeavour to ensure that gambling is a safe source of entertainment and stress relief factor, some players may become addicted which means that they would prefer to pause and self-reflect for a longer period. Help and information BetGold is a responsible company and knows that the vast majority of customers play on our site in a measured manner, but we are aware some customers can become addicted.

To use the BetGold site responsibly please ask yourself the following questions: Have you taken time off work or your studies because of gambling? Is gambling affecting your personal relationships family, friends?

Have you prioritised financing your gambling over financial responsibilities to your family? Is gambling affecting your own health problems with sleeping, self-neglect, isolation, depression, stress, behavioural difficulties? Have you played to repay debts or to make up a financial deficit? Have you played beyond the financial and time limits that you had set for yourself?

Have you borrowed or sold something to finance your gambling? Have you lied to your friends and family about your gambling? Have you considered acting illegally in order to finance your gambling? If you have answered "yes" to any of the questions above, we advise you to contact our dedicated and friendly Customer Support team.

Terms and Conditions 1. Introduction and definitions. If you do not agree with any of the Terms and Conditions set within these pages you should not attempt to use this Website. You agree that the Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time and that any material change to the Terms and Conditions will be communicated where necessary ahead of implementation. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions as amended, you should not continue to use the Website.

Continued use following any change shall be viewed as acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as updated. Who Can Play. To register an account with the Website, click on the "Register" tab from the Home page. In order to open the account, You will be required to provide true and accurate information including: Your full name; Your current address; Your valid e-mail address; Your current country of residence; Your mobile number; Your date of birth; Your gender; You will also be required to: Select and confirm password; Select currency You wish to play in.

You must not seek to register an account with us if you have more than one account or have been previously excluded from the Website. When You are ready to play, You need to deposit funds into Your Account. Forms of Verification We are under a strict duty as a gambling operator, in accordance with various laws and regulations, to ensure that You are who You claim to be and that the funds that You use to play are Your funds and are earned legitimately.

We may therefore perform third party searches against your name, compare the personal information You have provided, or we otherwise hold against other databases and make such enquiries and requests. Furthermore we may ask for additional information and documents as we require to validate your account and the funds being used to play in that account.

We have a large selection of Games and sporting events on the Site. To play, log into your account and go to the games lobby or sports page to get active on BetGold. Start playing by clicking on the game of Your choice.

You must always play the Games on the Site in line with these Rules and any special Rules that apply to Games offered on the Site. Different Rules apply to different Games Where such rules apply, please click on the [link] for each Game to see the rules that apply to that Game : : Casino Live casino Sportsbook Esports Virtual Sports. We do not accept cancellations of bets or stakes on any Games except for in exceptional circumstances.

Such cancellation is solely at Our discretion. We do not issue refunds except under exceptional circumstances, which is solely at Our discretion. Account Details. You must keep your login details secure and not share them with anyone. If you share them, even unintentionally, You are responsible for any abuse or misuse of your Account.

You must always keep your registration information up to date. If any of your details have changed, you must contact us immediately If you are aware the information provided at registration is incorrect, You must tell Us immediately or immediately amend Your information. It is Your responsibility to know if Your activity on the Site is legal in the country from which You are playing.

You are only allowed one Account on this Site. If you have more than one Account, You must immediately inform Us. You agree that we can check You are who You claim to be. You agree to give Us all documents requested to prove Your registration information and payment details, such as by way of example only a copy of Your passport, utility bills or bank statements.

You cannot use any technical error or vulnerability to Your advantage. We will be entitled to cancel and reclaim all winnings gained in this manner. You agree that you shall not be involved in any fraudulent, collusive, fixing, or other unlawful activity in relation to Your use of the Site. You shall not use any software assisted methods or techniques or hardware devices to aid of Your participation in the Games on the Site. You agree that we may also share Your information with other people or businesses in order to carry out Our business and deliver the Site to You.

What We Can Do. We reserve the right to refuse to open an Account for any reason. We reserve the right to suspend or close your Account for any reason and shall not be obliged to provide you reasons for doing so. Upon closure of Your Account, the full balance in Your Account will be paid to You unless there is a reason for such funds to be withheld. We reserve the right to withhold any winnings on your account until such time we validate your details and that you are not in breach of clause 3.

If You try to open any other account, on top of your first account, we may will block or close the Account. We may also block or close Your first Account. If We leave Your first Account open Your remaining deposits from any other Accounts, if any, will be transferred to Your first Account. We do not give credit. Any balance on Your Account will not bear interest. We will not be treated as a financial institution.

If You are found to be using the Website in any way for which it is not intended in order to gain money, We will adjust Your Account to remove any money gained from such activity and the Account may be permanently closed. We can refuse, terminate, or limit any bet or wager for any reason. If We do this, all valid bets in place at the time of closure will be honoured. We offer fair, open, and transparent progressive jackpots on specific games for players who use its services for entertainment purposes only.

Should We find it necessary, We may also close Your Account with immediate effect. Where Your Account has been terminated, We shall not be liable for any losses up to the point the Account was closed, nor will We consider any refunds on balances remaining on the Account. In all cases where abuse has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, We retain the right to confiscate all of the winnings and any balance remaining on the Account. Making Deposits. The payment methods made available to You may change.

Some payment methods may not be available in all countries. When choosing a payment method, You agree to the terms of that payment method. You agree to any charges that may apply. You agree that the payment account or card belongs to You and that You have the right to use the payment method.

You must choose one currency as the currency of Your Account. Any payments received in a currency other than the one chosen by you will be converted into the currency of Your Account at the exchange rate We choose. We do not accept cash directly. When the outcome of a Game You take part in is determined, or when we confirm the result of an event, any winnings will be made available to you in Your Account.

If we mistakenly credit your account with winnings that do not belong to You for any reason, these will be taken back from your account. If You have withdrawn these winnings before we become aware of this error, You must immediately inform us and you will be required to repay this amount.

You may withdraw any amount up to the cash balance in your account by issuing a valid notice of withdrawal. Notices for withdrawals must be made on the Site only. You agree that funds in your account must only be used for playing the Games found on the Website. We can reject a withdrawal request if We suspect that funds are being withdrawn for any fraudulent or money laundering reasons.

Prior to accepting a withdrawal, We may request that You provide legal identification, for example certified copies of passports, ID cards or other such documentation as We feel is required in the circumstances. We may also carry out phone verification or other such verification as is required to ensure that You are who You say You are.

If You withdraw an amount which cumulatively exceed EUR 2, or the equivalent in Your Account currency We will carry out additional verification procedures. We may also carry out these verification procedures even in the case of lower withdrawals. Where a withdrawal is to be made using a credit card, We may request a certified copy of that credit card front and back. All withdrawals must be done through the same payment method chosen by You when placing a deposit, unless, We decide otherwise or are unable to do so.

A withdrawal request to be finalized may vary due to circumstances, however a withdrawal attempt should be approved or denied within three 3 business days. When a withdrawal is cancelled, the funds are returned to your account and you can make use of those funds accordingly on the account. LG Trading does not assume any responsibility for any funds lost during gameplay following a withdrawal cancellation either by you or by us. On all winnings of 20, EUR or more excluding progressive jackpot wins , we reserve the right to divide the pay-out into ten instalments, paid with 10 per cent of the winning sum every month until the full amount is paid out.

BetGold reserves the right to charge a processing fee on any deposits which were not, or only partly, spent on play, should the player wish to withdraw the funds. If a chargeback on a card or deposit method You have used is requested by the payment method provider, We may take the following steps: We may block Your Account; We may take any such action as we are entitled to by law; A chargeback notice may be issued and sent to You, using Your registration details; We will use the same payment method as chosen by You when placing a deposit in order to issue the chargeback.

Closing Your Account. You can close Your Account at any time by initiating the process yourself in My Account section or contacting our support directly on suporte betgold. If You want to recover funds from closed, blocked or excluded Accounts, You need to contact support. An Inactive Account is an Account having a real money balance that has not been accessed for an uninterrupted period of 12 months. A Dormant Account is an Account having a real money balance that has not been accessed for an uninterrupted period of 30 Months.

If Your Account becomes dormant and We are still unable to reach You, We, if required, in accordance with the applicable law depending on where You are resident , shall transfer Your remaining balance to the relevant regulatory body. Some Bonuses may need manually activating by You in Your Account. Unless stated otherwise, You can do this after logging into Your Account and depositing the amount required to access the Bonus.

Such Bonuses can only be activated when real money is available in Your Account. If You play with any of Your deposited funds prior to claiming the Bonus, lost funds cannot be used to activate the Bonus. When You claim a Bonus, Your real money, the Bonus and all winnings generated from them will remain as Bonus money and may not be withdrawn or wagered on other products until wagering requirements are met.

Failure to meet the wagering requirements may result in the forfeit of all winnings and bonuses. Any attempt to withdraw any funds or cash out any placed bets prior to the complete fulfilment of the Bonus wagering requirement, may result in the Bonus and any winnings attained including winnings that originated from Your real money used to get the Bonus being forfeited.

Only bets that have been placed and settled during the bonus period will be considered towards the wagering requirements. Any evidence or reasonable suspicion that specific bets were placed on any Game or Sport i. Examples of bets without risk include betting on red and black simultaneously in Roulette, and betting player and banker simultaneously in Baccarat.

We have the right to refuse any player a Bonus or We may alter the Bonus including cancellation , if We believe that: The Bonus is being abused Our definition of abuse includes but is not limited to a player making use of promotional offers without ever risking their own funds ; Technical issues have occurred in relation to the Bonus; The Bonus is, for any reason, not able to be conducted as planned.

We offer promotions in good faith to players who use Our services for entertainment purposes. In all cases of abuse, We retain the right to withhold all winnings and any balances remaining on Your Account. All Bonuses are intended for recreational players and We therefore reserve the right to restrict eligibility to participate in all or part of any Bonus.

If Irregular play is suspected, We reserve the right to disqualify You from any promotions or Bonuses and withhold all deposits, winnings and may close Your Account. Irregular play is considered bonus abuse and is not permitted on the Site.

Irregular play can include but is not limited to : low margin betting, equal betting, zero risk bets or hedge betting. These are considered Irregular Play when done purposely to exploit Bonuses. Unless provided otherwise in the bonus scheme, all bonuses for stakes, winnings, etc.

Should multiples be part of a bonus scheme, the respective bonus shall relate to the final winnings amount and not to every leg's winning. Only one Bonus shall be granted per operation e. Should a Customer qualify for several Bonuses, only the Bonus with the highest Bonus amount shall be granted. Responsible Gaming.

Self-Exclusion Whilst we endeavour to ensure that gambling is a safe source of entertainment, some players may become addicted which means that they would prefer to pause and self-reflect for a longer period. Miscarried and Aborted Games. If You have accrued credit at the time the Game got miscarried, the monetary value of the credit will be paid out to Your Account or, if Your Account no longer exists, it will be to You directly, in an approved manner; We shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that Our computer system enables Your participation in a Game.

If after You have made a wager game play is interrupted by a failure of the telecommunications system or a failure of Your computer system, the Game will resume as at the exact time immediately before the interruption occurred. If however, such resumption is not possible We shall: Ensure that the Game is terminated; Refund the amount of the wager to You by placing it in the Your Account.

How to Complain. We appreciate that from time to time complaints need to be addressed. On the rare occasion this happens You can get hold of Us through the following communication channels: E-mail Us on: suporte betgold. This will enable Us to promptly resolve a reported matter. Once a claim is received, we will review any queried or disputed transactions and let you know the outcome.

Our decision on this is final. When Talking to Us. We record or keep copies of all communications that You have with Our support agents. Whenever we process personal data, we follow the GDPR principles: Lawfulness, fairness, and upmost transparency Storage limitation Accountability Purpose limitation Data minimisation Seamless accuracy Why we collect personal information We are required to process your personal information in order for us to be able to offer you our services and products.

We use your information to: Help you create, operate and manage your personal profile, allowing you to access our suite of products, including our sportsbook, casino, and cashier page. Manage promotions, rewards and loyalty schemes. Protection of your personal profile, information and account.

Provide ongoing customer support. Business service updates. Analyse user behaviours with the aim of continual business improvement. Monitor the registration of multiple accounts and to counteract fraudulent practice.

Some of the information we process about you, the customer, is necessary for us to comply with the legal and regulatory obligations that we have as a gaming company in a regulated marketplace, such as licensing requirements, responsible gaming and Anti Money Laundering AML Regulations. This information is processed in order to: Carry out sufficient age and identity verification checks, including to protect minors or vulnerable groups.

Verify source of wealth. Carry out due diligence checks. Monitor and investigate financial and bet transactions in order to detect and prevent fraudulent activity, money laundering, problem gambling and other irregular gaming activities. Consultation with self-exclusion databases to manage problem gambling. Prevent registration of duplicate accounts. Prevent registration from individuals from jurisdictions where gambling is prohibited. Who we share your information with We may need to share your information with recipients who are independent of BetGold in order to provide our services and products.

The third parties we work with include: Payment service providers Analytics services Identity verification and AML related services Website performance and security systems Marketing and advertising companies Communications platform providers Social media platforms Game providers Agencies, regulators and licensing supervisory authorities We will always ensure that the organisation requesting the information has a sound legal basis to do so and will only share the minimum amount of information required.

How long do we keep your information To consistently reach our legal obligations surrounding fraud, taxation and anti-money laundering, BetGold will need to keep your account information for up to 10 years after you close your account. Your rights around your information You have a number of rights that you can exercise when it comes to your information.

If this is needed we will let you know and explain the ID that we require. Some of these rights only apply in certain circumstances, so if we are unable to action your request we will explain to you why. Withdrawing your consent Where we rely on your consent to process your information you always have the option to withdraw this consent at any time. We rely on your consent to keep in touch with you to tell you about BetGold news, promotions, and bonus offerings.

We only ever send marketing messages to you if you have given us your explicit consent to receive such messages. We collect this consent as part of the registration process, but you can control the channels that we contact you on and whether we contact you at all through your settings when you are logged into your account.

These settings can be accessed and changed at any time. Even if you do not consent to marketing messages, you may still receive the ad-hoc service emails from BetGold. These messages are so that we can inform you of changes to Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, any other important policy or anything that may impact the service or products we are able to provide to you. As a licensed entity, we have significant responsibilities in relation to responsible gambling. To assist, we utilise a system which flags patterns or behaviours exhibited by a player that could indicate problem gambling.

When the system flags a player, our Customer Team review the account. They may then decide to contact a player to discuss their usage on the site and provide appropriate information in relation to problem gambling. We also use segmentation to split our players into groups based on their gaming behaviour. We do this to help us understand how people use the product and to help us develop our marketing approach, including bonus offerings and promotions.

This privacy notice was created and published August Translations of this privacy notice We have translated our privacy notice from English into the official languages of the countries that we provide our services to. User acceptance rules. You enter the Site and participate in the Games at Your own risk. The only promises We make in relation to the Site are detailed in these Terms and Conditions. We shall not be liable for loss, costs, expenses, or damages whether direct or indirect special, consequential, incidental, or otherwise arising in relation to Your use of the Site or Your participation in the Games.

You hereby agree to fully indemnify us including directors, employees, partners, and service providers for any: cost, expense, loss, damages, claims and liabilities howsoever caused that may arise in relation to Your use of the Site or participation in the Games. Breaches, Penalties and Termination. If we suspect that You have breached the terms and conditions, we may refuse to open your account, suspend, or close it.

We may also withhold any money in Your Account including the deposit and set off any money or damages due to loss against the money in Your Account. We also have the right to freeze or terminate Your Account or cancel any stakes if: We suspect that You are engaged in illegal or fraudulent activities; You are having problems with creditors or otherwise which are detrimental to Our business.

Anti-money Laundering Reporting. As a gaming operator We need to comply with the relevant anti money laundering laws and any associated Regulations. We shall check all transactions and report any suspicious transaction to the relevant competent authorities in Malta or other such territory as may be relevant to Your transactions. If You become aware of any suspicious activity relating to any of the Games on the Site, You must report this to Us immediately.

We may suspend, block, or close Your Account and withhold funds, in accordance with the relevant anti money laundering laws and regulations. Intellectual Property. Any unauthorized use of the above may result in further legal action. We are the owner or the rightful licensee of the rights to the technology, software and business systems used within the Site.

All rights reserved. The copyright in this Site including all: text, graphics, code, files, and links belongs to Us and the Site may not be reproduced, transmitted, or stored in whole or in part without Our written consent. Your registration and use of the Site do not confer any rights whatsoever to the intellectual property contained in the Site.

You agree not to use any automatic or manual device to monitor Our web pages or any content therein. Any unauthorized use or reproduction may be subject to further legal action. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held to be illegal or unenforceable, such provision shall be severed from these Terms and Conditions and all other provisions shall remain in force unaffected by such severance. Entire Agreement and Admissibility. The terms and conditions are the entire agreement between Us with respect to this Site and, except in the case of fraud, overrule all prior communication and proposals, whether electronic, oral, or written between us.

A printed version of these terms and conditions and any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings. We can assign or transfer this agreement. You cannot assign or transfer this agreement. You must be aware that these funds are not protected in the case of insolvency and therefore if We should go insolvent Your funds may not be returned to You. Applicable Law, Jurisdiction and Language. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the Laws of Malta and the parties agree to be subject to the jurisdiction of the Maltese Authorities.

These Terms and Conditions may be published in several languages as a service and in good faith. In the event of any discrepancy between an English version and a translation, the English version shall prevail. Betting Rules If you wish to see our full Betting Rules please click the link. Payment Methods. Astropay Card.

Boleto Bancario. Banco Do Brasil. Inovapay eWallet. Bank Transfer. Account 1. How to create an account. In the pop up please enter the following details: Name, address and contact details The username you wish to use and a password You can also choose your preferred odds style.

Forgotten Password. Forgotten login information and email address. Forgotten password tool does not work. What can I do in my account? You will be able to: Deposit money into your account Withdraw money from your account Place bets on sporting events Enjoy live casino and slots Upload documents for verification Check all your transaction histories, be that sports or casino Check your balance either real or bonus Check open sport bets Check personal information and update telephone number Change your password Change odds style Take advantage of our newest bonuses and promotions.

Change Currency. Once a currency has been selected it cannot be changed. Change personal information. Account Protection. Ensure that you: Never share your username or password Always set a very strong password, that is only used on this site and change it regularly Make sure you log out of the site after every session Never save your username and password on the device you are using Try never to use a public computer, as these can store your details.

Complaint process. Methods of Deposit. How deposits are made. Successful Deposits. Commission Chargers. Deposit with a payment method that is not registered to your players account. Rejected deposits. Using more than one deposit method. Account opening.

In the pop up please enter the following details: Name, address and contact details The username you wish to use and a password Registering for account can be done from any page of the site. You can also choose how the odds will be displayed. Why do I have to provide personal information? Cannot open account. More than one account. Placing bets before opening account. Why does Betgold need to know the source of funds? Why are documents required?

What source of funds documents can be used? Sending Documents. Choose which type of document is being uploaded passport, ID etc. Technical issue. We may ask for any of the following: A brief explanation of the problem that has occurred Any error messages displayed Time of issue Any screen shots of the issue The device that is being used Operating system Connection type Browser Once you have all this information, please forward it to suporte betgold.

What documentation is required. The most commonly accepted documents include: Valid Driving Licence Valid Photo ID Passport Utility Bill dated within three months Bank Statement dated within three months Additional verification is required periodically to show source of funds.

Accepted Format of Documents. How are documents sent? How to Withdraw. How long does it take? This can depend on which type of withdrawal has been requested: Cards working days Bank Transfer working days. Free Bets.

What is the minimum and Maximum stake? Betting Rules. Bet was not accepted. Settling of bets. My bet won but it has been settled as lost. Cancelled bets. Participants covered by the ban will be prohibited from betting, either directly or indirectly, on any football match or competition that takes place anywhere in the world.

This also includes a worldwide ban on betting on any other football-related matter. For example, the transfer of players, employment of managers or team selection. The passing of inside information to somebody that uses the information for betting remains prohibited. What is inside information? Inside information is information that you are aware of due to your position in the game and which is not publicly available - for example, this may be injury or team selection news.

You are not allowed to use inside information to place a bet or to instruct someone else to do so on your behalf. You are not allowed to pass inside information on to someone else which they use for betting. You can be considered to have passed inside information by word of mouth, email, writing, or even social media postings.

You may be in breach of the Rules if you pass inside information on to someone else even if you did not know that they were going to use it to bet. Step 5 and Below The betting rules are different for those Participants involved solely with a club at Step 5 of the National League System and below and for any Match Official, referee, coach or referee assessor, operating at Level 4 or below. No Participant can bet on a match or competition in which they are involved that season, or which they can influence, or any other football-related matter concerning the league that they play in.

Participants are also prohibited from using or passing inside information for betting. These are the only Participants who will not be subject to the worldwide ban. Match Fixing Fixing is arranging in advance the result or conduct of a match or competition, or any event within a match or competition. Fixing is prohibited and is treated very seriously. In addition, offering or accepting any bribes related in any way to improperly influencing the result or conduct of a match or competition or any event within a match or competition is similarly prohibited and serious.

If you attempt to fix, you are likely to get caught and receive an FA charge. If found proved, this is likely to lead to a significant suspension, and in some instances, a lifetime ban. If you are approached or suspect that a colleague or someone you know has been approached or is involved in fixing, then you must report it to The FA immediately.

Failure to report any such offers may result in an FA charge against you Advice For Match Officials Approaches to fix games or events within games is not just the concern of players - these approaches may also be made to Match Officials. You could be offered money or rewards for influencing the outcome of a game by awarding penalties or sending off players. The FA has systems in place to take action should they become aware of any suspicious activity concerning a match, such as replacing the appointed Match Officials prior to the game.

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