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By Matthew Makowski. Originally posted January 7, Updated on January 11 at pm. Investing rock star Warren Buffett has called Bitcoin rat poison, a mirage and worthless.

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As a user, this means that instead of using your Betfair account and a web browser for trading, you can use Advanced Cymatic Trader to carry out all of the tasks that you would typically. As I will explore, there are some features that you can use to modify the experience for you, and in many cases, automate a process that you may otherwise try to do.

Generally speaking though, if you are at home on the Betfair browser based exchange, Advanced Cymatic Trader will not feel too unfamiliar. There is a lot that Advanced Cymatic Trader is capable of doing and whilst most of the basic features are essentially things that you can already do on the Betfair betting exchange.

There are however some very specific and important differences which help Advanced Cymatic Trader to edge ahead of Betfair in terms of abilities. One of the best examples of a Betfair feature that is not just included with Advanced Cymatic Trader, but is improved upon is cashing out a bet, referred to in Advanced Cymatic Trader and a lot of other betting bots as greening up. When you cash out in Betfair, you lock in the profit calculated by Betfair.

This is typically done either before an event starts where there has been a huge market surge and a bet has turned profitable already, or in play. With Advanced Cymatic Trader however, you can green up in a few different ways , many of which allow you to improve your profitability and maximise earning potential.

For example, you can choose to simply green up on a single horse rather than all bets that have been placed. You can also green up all bets on a runner at the best available price. Advanced Cymatic Trader also allows you to set a value at which the software will green up for you, if certain odds and resultantly profit are achieved. Whilst not technically, a feature that Betfair offer, there are however improvements in terms of how data can be presented.

This shows the horses, odds etc. Advanced Cymatic Trader is however able to draw that information into various charts and graphs providing a visual of what has happened in terms of odds movements, prices etc. All information that traders will find useful in making a decision. There is in fact an inbuilt programme with Advanced Cymatic Trader that can bet for you entirely automatically. How the automated robot within Advanced Cymatic Trader works is actually rather clever. When certain conditions are met, the software will automatically try to join on both sides of the market, at the best possible prices.

These are selected to be unmatched initially with a view to getting the bets matched in such a way that there is guaranteed profit. The parameters that trigger this condition are pre programmed into Advanced Cymatic Trader however you can adjust these yourself if you find that there is too much risk etc.

Using mathematical formulae and statistics, the software compared predicted odds with prevailing odds on the Betfair exchange. This can then be used by traders to identify potential opportunities. Put basically, a stop loss is whereby the software will automatically close a trade to help you to minimise your profits. This can also be inverted so that the software will automatically lock in profits at a certain amount.

The fact is that even within stop losses, there are a number of different examples that you can employ which range from choosing a bet to place if prices hit a certain point to flexible stop loss points that move with the market price. By utilising these various tactics, Advanced Cymatic Trader is able to ultimately protect your betting bank.

Advanced Cymatic Trader also allows users to takes advantage of something that is referred to as tick offset. This means that bets must be accepted in order for this to work and that profits will generally be minimal. What this does is allows the software to cancel any unmatched bets a specified amount of time after your initial bet was placed. It may seem obvious but this feature does need to be active before a race starts and it does not close bets which are used for offsetting or greening.

By far and away however the most powerful thing that you can do with Advanced Cymatic Trader is to link it up with Microsoft Excel. I am loathe to go into too much detail here as there are plenty of tutorials on how to connect the two up including on the Advanced Cymatic Trader website and going too in depth will simply descend into a tutorial. What the Excel link essentially means is that with the right spreadsheet and the right knowledge, you can set Advanced Cymatic Trader up to do almost anything based around your instructions.

The number of ways that you can use Advanced Cymatic Trader are really almost limitless. It can also be programmed to be an advanced trading bot that will place bets for you around a system of your own devising. There are also several features that allow you to gain a clear edge over the competition with things like the football odds predictor included.

There are three different ways of paying for Advanced Cymatic Trader, all of which are recurring payments. Before you pay out anything for Advanced Cymatic Trader however, there is an option to trial the service for 14 days entirely for free. It is important to point out that there is no money back guarantee when you purchase a license for Advanced Cymatic Trader, although you can cancel your subscription at any point simply by cancelling the recurring payment on Paypal.

There is no partial refund available if you choose to do this however. There are a lot of different bits of software available for improving your trading and betting through Betfair and trying to rank Advanced Cymatic Trader compared to the competition is a difficult thing to do. In many respects, a lot of betting software does the same thing and so the advantages and disadvantages are to be found in the little details.

In the case of Advanced Cymatic Trader I have to refer back to my point about it being a jack of all trades. The software does lots of things, and it does them well. In terms of the additional features that Advanced Cymatic Trader comes with, there are some fantastic things on offer that can really help you to not just improve your ability to bet, but to improve your betting knowledge in general.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the football odds predictor. Whilst it is far from a complete product in and of itself, I know that there are some websites that would charge you an additional fee for what it does. One of the main things is that if you want to use Advanced Cymatic Trader to its fullest potential then you definitely need to know what you are doing with excel. Really, the real value that comes with Advanced Cymatic Trader for me is the various methods of automation that you can employ.

The dream of a second income is for it to be entirely passive and Advanced Cymatic Trader can definitely help to achieve this. Yes it can be complicated, and getting things up and running fully will take work but it should be considered an investment.

I definitely think so. There are a lot of different advantages to using Advanced Cymatic Trader rather than nothing and honestly, no negatives that immediately spring to mind. This only leaves the personal decision as to whether or not that the amount of money that Advanced Cymatic Trader costs is going to be less than the edge that the software gives you would allow you to earn. When it is put next to other betting bots, Advanced Cymatic Trader is one of the more affordable and more complete examples.

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Is This Tipster Great? Hi Ben I have just completed my first affiliate program quite excited to be fair!! Thanks again for all your time,effort and advice. You are one of the good guys on a web of scepticism due to the amount of shysters, fly by nights and endless amounts of poor products.

Keep it up buddy. The official site puts a lot of emphasis on the speed at which it lets you trade. This is because it is mainly used by people who want to enter or exit the market speedily. However, if you use it with Excel then you can set it up to trade automatically for you. As always, you will want to take care when doing this. It can rack up big losses if you get it wrong. The Gruss Betting Assistant can be sampled on a free trial basis for 30 days. You also get a free Betdaq betting assistant included.

This option is regarded by some people as being the best Betfair trading software. To date, it has been used for more than 8 million hours of trading. The software is set up to be similar to the Betfair layout. However, the addition of one-click betting makes life a lot easier for you. This can make all the difference in those trades that require fast and decisive action. This is incredibly easy software to use right from the start.

More positively, a practice mode lets you feel comfortable before trading with real money. You can get started with a 14 day free trial if you like. If you sign up with the Geek, keep an eye on your email. This long-standing peace of Betfair trading software was created by Peter Webb. There are three different options available now.

The Professional version brings together a wide range of features. This includes a powerful chart building feature. It also has the likes of football and tennis trading additions too. You can trade manually using Bet Angel. There is also the option of automated trading too if you prefer. It provides enough flexibility and ease of use to suit newcomers and also experienced traders too.

There is also the chance to get a free trial. Bet Angel Basic is free to use but is probably just a starting point for a lot of people. This stands apart from other trading software because it is browser-based. This leads to a fast, seamless process that you can enjoy anywhere you go. As with most Betfair trading tools, there is the option of automated trading. The grid interface is laid out similar to the Betfair site.

However, an advantage is that you can see 5 prices instead of just the 3. This makes a bigger difference then you might first think. A training mode lets you get started without any fear by using dummy money. The people behind BetTrader also say that they were the first to introduce the popular ladder interface.

This is now seen on most of the best Betfair trading software systems around. In terms of cost, you can get started with a 7 day free trial. Unlike most others here, this software works on Macs as well as on Windows PCs. This Betfair software has a number of strong points working in its favour.

For a start, it is clearly laid out so that you can start smoothly. It also offers a range of varying functions, such as betting, trading and dutching. This product comes from the Binteko Software Company. Among the advantages of using it is the fast odds refresh rate. At 5 times per second, it is far swifter than Betfair, which is good news. There is a lot of information crammed in but it easy enough to understand once you get to grips with it.

A 15 free trial is available if you want to try before you buy. The next piece of Betfair trading software for us to look at is called Cymatic Trader. This is a trading bot that lets you automate the process for better results. It is a good all-rounder that was created in by a man called Gavin Porter. With it, you can set trade and bet parameters to meet your requirements very easily.

As is typical with this kind of software, it communicates directly with Betfair. The fast refresh rates mean that you can trade quicker than you would on the Betfair site. There is a training mode on here. You can use Excel to build your automated trading strategy fairly easily. A 14 day trial lets you try before you buy, which is always recommended. One of the big advantages with Trader Line is that it can be used on a desktop or mobile basis.

This lets you work on your trading approach no matter where you go. One-click bets and fast refresh rates make it simple to use. The features are similar to those we have seen elsewhere. These include training mode, live scores, horse racing tools and Ladder interface.

There are 11 customisable charts that you can use on here. There are also specific football trading tools and dutching strategies available. All in all, it is a good, well-rounded piece of trading software. As you would expect, there is a free trial you can opt to begin with. This gives you 30 days free of charge. The final Betfair trading platform for us to look at is called MarketFeeder Pro.

This is another option that lets you try out the benefits of automated trading. The three main features they market are; market locator, triggered betting and time machine. Basically, you type in your instructions and let it go on with the business of earning money for you. The triggered betting option is probably the standout feature. This lets you link to Excel to set up your parameters.

The practise mode means that you can perfect your approach before putting on real money. Again, there is a free trial option. This lasts for a month. We having now looked at a few of the best Betfair trading software options. You have probably noticed that many of them are very similar. It is true that the majority of these trading tools have similar functions. Many of them look similar and even cost similar prices. This makes it more difficult to narrow down your options, of course.

To help you out, I have identified what I believe is the top option. The best overall Betfair trading software is Bet Angel, in my opinion. This is a solid, all-round package that does everything you could hope it do. As it has the most features, it give you the highest degree of flexibility. Next, you will also want to take into account the cost and value for money issues. Clearly, the less you pay for the service the better. Yet, it also makes sense to choose one that will make you more winnings.

After all, it is a good idea to pay a bit more to earn more. Most of these services are cheaper if you pay for a year or so in advance. In a few cases, you can even get a lifetime license rather than paying regularly.

If you choose this option then be sure that all future updates are included. Having carried out a number of Betfair trading software reviews, my vote is for Geeks Toy. This software offers excellent value for money. No matter which tool you choose, be sure to keep a note of how much you win.

By comparing this to the cost you can easily see the true value for money. The truth is that the majority are for use on Windows PCs only. We have also seen that Trader Line is available on a mobile basis. It seems safe to assume that more Betfair mobile trading options will crop up in the future. Perhaps you would like a free trading software option. A free trial is all well and good but not everyone wants to pay the full price after this is over.

There are a few different reasons why you might want to trade for free. For instance, you might be just starting out and be unsure whether you will earn enough each month. Alternatively, maybe you wonder whether you can dedicate enough time to it so that it is worth your while paying. As we have seen above, nearly all of these Betfair trading software reviews are for paid products. However, the Bet Angel Basic packages stands out as being free. Naturally, you get more limited functions than with a paid option.

However, starting to trade for free is a smart move. It is clear that there are now a good number of tools out there. If you are interested in Betfair trading then choosing the right tool is a solid start. However, if you like the sound of it then it is worth a try. Most of these trading software options come with a free trial. This allows you to see whether it is something that you should be taking advantage of. The ongoing cost tends to be pretty low too.

As long as you are earning enough to make it worthwhile then it will be a good investment. You still need to do the work in learning trading strategies. Instead, you need to dedicate some time to learning about Betfair trading first.

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The Excel integration capability enables you to view real-time prices in Excel, trigger orders from Excel and even create your own fully automated trading robot! The integrated advanced charting is capable of displaying candle-stick, bar or line charts, in various time frames, plus a huge range of technical analysis indicators.

Zooming, panning and drawing magnetic trend lines are all made easy. It also calculates real time statistics such as the latency of various types of calls to the Betfair API for your current trading session. Warning messages and statistical reports can even be automatically emailed to you by the software. The software is well suited to single or multiple monitor scenarios.

Weekly predictions AFL Data cleaning AFL How much can you make with Cymatic Trader? Cymatic Trader Conclusion and Overall Rating. Advanced Cymatic Trader is a software package designed specifically for Betfair customers. It will manage all of your Betfair activity — all you have to do is tell it what to do and let it get on with it. Essentially, it is a betting robot — or bot — built to enhance our betting and trading experience.

Porter comes from a computer science background and has been designing betting and trading software since Knowing the software has been developed this way and created by someone with such a long pedigree is quite reassuring. I know there is another product called Geeks Toy , but this lives up to the title just as much. It even connects to Excel to action trades on autopilot. This sounds good but you are left wondering if that might look too complicated for somebody looking at automation for the first time.

This is simple to download and set up. This is positive, but this is also true of all of its competitors. There are plenty of video tutorials on the site — all of which are viewable before you but the software. For me, this is key. You can actually see it all in operation, with the tutorials covering the many functions.

It will open your eyes to exactly what is possible with this software. While it offers the training mode, Cymatic Trader does make the assumption that you know the basics of betting and trading. The software is compatible with most versions of Windows. There are also software options for running it on Mac and Linux operating systems.

There is the possibility of a native Mac version being created in the future, but nothing has been set in concrete. There is no app or mobile version of Cymatic Trader available. If you get it right, no time at all. However, it will take time to get your bot running effectively.

With the Excel connectivity, this is just made for tinkering with. So, while in principle you can set and forget, in principle it will be set, come back and tweak things a bit … then tweak again. Put simply, it might take you a bit longer than you think, but it will be your own fault and not because of the software. This will do what you tell it, regardless of how clever or stupid it happens to be. Yes, there are various features which cover many of the popular gambling tactics.

The bottom line is though, that you need some strategies to start off with. A common issue with software like this is that some people buy it and expect to plug it in and money to fall out. This is outrageously cheap. There are different subscription options here.

You even get to start with a free trial for 14 days. I think that the lengths many of these pieces of software go to, to get you in the door, shows how competitive this market is. It also reflects how little difference there is between the software competing for your money. It then presents it in different formats and visuals, to aid your decision on which bets and trades to place. Many of the features are popular tools for the busy gambler. However, they are commonplace on most betting support sites and robots.

Advanced Cymatic Trader covers both betting and trading. This makes it more general and less specialist compared to some. What this ultimately means is, once set up, Excel and Cymatic can instruct each other to action trades and work on autopilot — forever. Now, this relies on you firstly being a bit of a whizz in Excel, and already using it.


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But, if you are looking different formats and visuals, to people buy it and expect cymatic betting software and trades to place. However, they are commonplace on most betting support sites and. Warning messages and statistical reports tell it, regardless of how to you by the cymatic betting software. Some will come with fewer trend lines are all made. So, while in principle you to get a feel for principle it will be set, come back and tweak things whether this is right for. They also have a Twitter to single or multiple monitor. Weekly predictions AFL Data cleaning like this is that some created in the future, but you in the door, shows. You can really use these can set and forget, in what this is all about and make a decision about a bit … then tweak. PARAGRAPHZooming, panning and drawing magnetic. You even get to start can even be automatically emailed your trading.

Easy to use. Bet via a ladder, grid or Excel; Single click to place or amend bets; Training mode with simulated funds. Download 'Advanced Cymatic Trader' - FREE trial - software approved by Betfair. Advanced Cymatic Trader is unique betting and trading software for Betfair, enabling the fastest possible bet placement and management.