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Super yankee betting

Equivalent to the USA exacta or perfecta , or the Canadian exactor. A reversed forecast RF is a wager requiring the naming of two selections to finish 1st and 2nd in either order in a specified event. Requires two unit stakes. A combination forecast is a wager on three or more named selections in order to choose two of the selections to finish 1st and 2nd in the correct order in a specified event. A tricast is a wager requiring the choosing of three named selections a , b and c to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the correct order in a specified event.

Accepted on horse races where 8 or more horses are declared and at least 6 run, and on greyhound races of 5 or more runners that form part of the bookmakers' main service. A combination tricast is a wager on three or more named selections in order to choose three selections to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the correct order in a specified event.

In North America, this is a "boxed" trifecta. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia glossary. First bet only. Free bets expire in 7 days. Payment method restrictions. UK customers only. Certain countries only. Free bet valid on exchange for 7 days. Stake not returned. Depositing directly via bank card. No cashout. The free bet will be credited within 72 hours to your account once the staking requirement has been met.

A Canadian bet involves 5 selections. Based on these selections, you bet on every possible double , treble , f our-fold , and five-fold accumulator from your 5 combinations. In other words, you bet on every possible acca from each of these. This comes to a total of 26 bets , these being:. In order to have any returns , you need at least 2 selections to win.

When you bet on a Canadian bet, you bet the same amount per bet , meaning you need to bet the same amount 26 times. To place the bet, first choose 5 events you wish to bet on. Once you have 5 selections on your betting slip , choose from the Multiples tab , which most bookies have on the betting slip. You'll find the Canadian bet or Super Yankee bet next to other options such as Doubles , Trebles , and Lucky 31 , among others.

Fill in the amount you wish to bet , and the betting site will show you your potential winnings. Of course, this is the grand total if you win each of your 5 bets. If at least 2 of your selections win , you'll have a return , though that doesn't guarantee a net profit. This depends on the odds for those selections.

If your two winners were heavy underdogs , you can have a profit even if only 2 win. You can place a Canadian bet Super Yankee on virtually any sport. In fact, you can place a Canadian bet for any combination of sports , markets , and bet types. Whether this is a sound betting strategy is another matter, of course.

All major international and UK bookies accept Canadian bets. The only restriction some bookies have is that you can't place accas on the same event. While bookies let you place a Canadian bet on any set of 5 selections , this bet type is most popular in horse racing. In a typical Canadian horse racing bet, you'd bet on 5 horses to win or place in 5 different races. You can read more on what an each-way bet is in our guide to each-way betting.

When placing a Canadian bet , or any other type of combination such as doubles or trebles , it's important to consider what your winnings will be if 2, 3, 4, or 5 of your selections are correct. This should help you decide if the Canadian bet is the right choice for your selection. Calculating your winnings is a matter of adding up each bet that you win.

Our Canadian Bet Calculator below should help you. Canadian betting has several advantages and disadvantages that it shares with most other forms of multiple betting, such as Heinz , Super Heinz , Lucky 31 , Goliath , Doubles , Trebles , and so on. The main advantage that Canadian betting or other multiples have over accas is that you can be wrong by one or two and sometimes even three selections and still turn a profit.

Compare that to accas, where one wrong selection will lose you the bet though there are several acca insurance promos. The advantage multiple betting has over straight betting is that you can spread your risk. Assuming you have decent handicapping skills , you should be able to predict at least 3 out of 5 results correctly , in whichever sport you specialise.

Since the bets are all multiples , you can usually make a handsome profit if only 3 of your selections are correct and sometimes even 2. If you manage to get all 5 correct , you'll have an even more handsome bonus. The main disadvantage of this betting is that it has extra risks.


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As you can probably guess, a four-fold accumulator is a bet that has you wagering on four different selections. When all your selections win, you get to enjoy a fat payout. These bets are far riskier than doubles or trebles. This is why a Super Yankee only contains five. The final bet in the Super Yankee is the five-fold accumulator.

By far the riskiest of them all, this bet requires each one of your five selections to win. Like all combination bets, calculating your potential earnings from a Super Yankee is no easy task. Not only that, but your potential returns depend largely on the odds. A Super Yankee bet calculator can do all the hard work for you and help you understand the details on your bet slip.

Thanks to the way Super Yankee betting works, you have a lot of opportunities to earn a return. Super Yankee bets cover a wide range of eventualities. Five selections and 26 bets is not a cheap wager. It can get much more expensive the more you wager. However, when you take a look at the odds and the bet breakdown, the Super Yankee bet is far more forgiving than what most people believe.

Despite utilizing five selections, a vast majority of the bets rely on the outcomes of two or three events. With bet slip in hand, you watch the races at the edge of your seat. Despite all the good luck rituals, only three out of the five selections win. You see, those three selections you made are still covered by the doubles and trebles!

That said, your potential returns depend largely on the odds and the amount you wager. Now, there are other versions of the Super Yankee bet available. If you want to increase your odds even further, you can place an each-way Super Yankee. They could just place. This type of bet usually only applies to horse racing. However, it covers even more eventualities.

The horse simply needs to place. An each-way Super Yankee does increase the total stake, though. However, a combination bet like the Super Yankee has lower risks. With five selections and several different kinds of bets included, you have a greater chance of earning some of your money back. You might even earn a profit. Super Yankee bets are often compared to other available combination bets.

You have your Goliath flag bets , Trixie bets , Lucky 31 bets , and more. But, the difference between a Super Yankee bet and all other combination bets is the number of individual bets they contain! On the lower end, you have the Trixie bet. The outcome of a Trixie depends on three selections. Then, you have bets like the Lucky A Lucky 31 is very like a Super Yankee. It contains five selections and all the same individual bets. However, a Lucky 31 has the added benefit of five single bets!

It covers even more potential outcomes. On the higher-end of the spectrum, you have the Goliath flag bet. This is just one of the major high-stakes bets that seasoned punters place. It includes an eye-watering bets on eight selections!

When you first encounter this bet, you may feel as though it is too complicated. Even so, our explanations and examples will allay all of your fears. We will also show you how to apply this strategy to football and other sports. The first question many of you will have is, what is a Super Yankee bet? Well, let us tell you. It is a system that requires five forecasts to be played. These five events are combined with each other in various ways, to give life to a single bet that contains 26 selections: 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 fourfolds, and 1 fivefold.

You can start winning from 2 exact predictions on the Super Yankee bet, but obviously the more you get right, the more your winnings increase. This game is named after the Yankee system, so you could say this is an enhanced version of that. We have briefly summarised all the features we have just described. We have decided to first start with a theoretical example below, and afterwards we will use a real-life one. This will help you get a better overall understanding and you can apply theory to practice.

In order for the bet to show us a return we need at least two of these selections to be right. The higher the number of winners, the higher the return. When to Use: This type of system, unlike for example a Trixie , requires you to play a large number of bets, 26 overall. Then when you are confident, you can move on. It is generally possible to play system bets on all types of sports that a bookie puts on their website. It must be said that a Super Yankee bet is certainly one of the best and is particularly suited for football.

Thanks to higher average odds than sports such as rugby or cricket , you can make a profit, even if some selections fail on your bet. It is also good to note that predicting a draw can be a risky choice, however, within a system it is very rewarding when it comes through.